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source is available under GPL-3.0 at Github.

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When you are keen for a game, invitations are sent to all people interested in playing at the venue. Each invitation includes your relative ability and your reputation. One or more people may accept your invitation. You should accept one rival and reject the others. You and your chosen rival will now see the Match as confirmed and meet on time at the venue.

After the game please revisit to rate your rivals ability as stronger, weaker or well matched. Choose well matched when you had an enjoyable challenging match, regardless of who actually 'won'. You should also give your rival the if they were nice to be around, regardless of who was the stronger player.


Reputation is based on match feedback.

superbBetter than 49 in every 50 games.
excellentBetter than 19 in every 20 games.
greatBetter than 9 in every 10 games.
goodBetter than 4 in every 5 games.
mixedMore than 1 in every 5 games.
poorMore than 1 in every 3 games.
dreadfulMore than 1 in every 2 games.

New players with less than 5 games can only have a good, mixed or poor reputation.

About was launched in September 2016 out of dismay in the difficulty of finding a well matched game of Squash while travelling.

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